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Concierge for Lurpak 2007 Regional Campaign

Arla Foods Saudi arabia


On behalf of Lupark, we gave out silver plate domes for 75 Draw winners & organise luxury dinner for 6 families

Client task:

We started providing concierge since 2007, when we receive a call from Saudi from a company we have never heard of, asking us to carry out rewards for the Lurpak Regional Summer Campaign for the UAE Draw winners. The client needed us to deliver 75 Lurpak plate silver domes to various winners in UAE we have never met, and to organise a day of luxury for 6 families who win the Lurpark luxury dinner. To provide the runner ups, personal Lurpak Butler service, luxurious dinner at a high end restaurant, limousine and a chauffeur for a day. Even though then it was a unique task not pertaining to our services, but Fame has one policy is to never say No to any clients, so we said yes it can be done and it’s done

Our Solution:

The Client gave us the list of all the winners and the rest is up to us. We start working on the project which has a 1 week deadline. We hire a male butler who went to the 6 runner up houses to deliver Lurpark Dinner Invitation card informing them of their winning and how they will receive their reward. We then advise the client on the best hotel restaurants for the luxury dinner, we made the restaurant reservation and coordinate with the hotel to allow our own butler to serve the guest and host them during the dinner, we book the limousine with a chauffeur, arrange a photographer and a crew for each family. The dinner took place in Dubai and Abudhabi. 

For the Silver Dome delivery we get our team to wrap the gifts and use our own delivery staff because we needed to congratulate each winner on behalf of Lurpak and get them to sign the acceptance form with an ID, a service which a normal courier couldn’t offer. So we deploy our errand staff to go the winners' homes, offices and various meeting points to give them the winning prize.

Client Testimonial:

The project was successful, the client was very happy and impressed with our services, and gave us various projects afterwards. 


  • Lurpark Campaign
  • Fame lifestyle delivers Lurpak gift to a winner in the mall
  • Fame Lupark Butler
  • A travel agent receive gift from fame lifestyle delivery boy
  • Philipino maid collecting Lupark gift from Fame Lifestyle
  • Luxury dinner at jumeirah beach hotel organise by Fame lifestyle
  • luxury dinner by fame lifestyle
  • Fame lifestyle butler
  • Dubai Butler service by fame lifestyle
  • luxury dinner in emirates palace with limousine by fame lifestyle
  • the silver plate dome gift delivered by fame lifestyle